Haus der Babuschka in Eppingen
Every month a new International Folk Tale told by BABUSCHKA (sorry in German only!)
BABUSCHKA-Theatre at the “House of Stories” is small and delicate and situated on the third floor of a 350 years old house in the old part of Eppingen, which is a very idyllic place near Heilbronn and Karlsruhe in Germany.

At BABUSCHKA you find theatre with table puppets, story telling, fairy tales, music poetry for children and adults and seminars in puppet therapy , and puppetry.

You may book performances in the theatre or outside at libraries, schools, theatres or private houses and workshops and lectures on request.
BABUSCHKA-Theatre is performing, doing workshops, seminars and lectures worldwide.

If you can’t reach BABUSCHKA by phone because she is for instance in South America, Sri Lanka, Japan or Africa or elsewhere in Europe on tour, please send an e-mail.

BABUSCHKA can read  these mails everywhere throughout the world!