at the “House of Stories” –  a story of success
    Director: Barbara Scheel
This small theatre with only 25 seats is an insiders’ tip until now. Puppeteers and therapists from all over the world come to visit it. It is the smallest, continuously performing professional theatre in Germany.
Zuschauerraum In 1983 BABUSCHKA-Theatre was founded as a touring puppet theatre, in 1990 it got a stationary theatre as well.
In 1999 Barbara Scheel was honoured as the best performer of the region.
Since 2004 she is honorary member of the “German Association of Puppets in Therapy”.
In 2009 she was awarded “Highly Recommended European Story Teller”.
In 2009 she was honoured with “Silk Emblem of the Town of Eppingen”.
Zuschauerraum More than 300.000 children and adults took part in the events done by BABUSCHKA worldwide. Also blind people, mentally retarded people, psychologically injured people come to the performances and feel well.
„BABUSCHKA“, alias Barbara Scheel, tells international fairy tales since many years and illustrates them with puppets and props on a table.
She performed, workshoped and lectured in more than 25 different countries.
Her speciality is “Puppet Therapy”. She brought it to Brazil, Japan, South Korea and many other countries.
Vorträge und Semianre, international, hier Südkorea Barbara Scheel was one of the founder of the “German Association Puppets in Therapy” in 1984 and is now honorary member.
She is member of UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette) since 1976 and edited UNIMA Almanach in 1979. In 2008 (in Perth) she was elected as independent councillor and member of the commission “Puppets in School, Development and Therapy” and is responsible for “Puppets in Therapy” in this commission.
Barbara Scheel does stage direction, makes puppets and props, writes puppet plays and performs with various types of puppets. She is puppet therapist and story teller.